Çanakkale Folklor Araştırma Deneği GSK

ÇAFAD is a youth and Sports Club founded in 2004 in Çanakkale. It continues to provide folk dances and sirtaki education with  350 people including primary school, secondary school , high school , university students and adults.

In the international festivals and competitions we  participated in, we introduced the culture and traditions of our country and the city we were affiliated with and achieved important degrees.

Since 2018, the festivals have been held in different parts of Çanakkale and Turkey by ÇAFAD  are aimed at promoting the culture, dance, music and clothing of the participating groupw from abroad, exchanging culture and making ffriendships.Our association brought together thousands of dancers with festivals in Çanakkale, Bodrum, Ayvalik, Gömeç, Dikili and made it possible for friendships to be formed.

In addition, the “BİR DENİZ İKİ YAKA KOL KOLA” project enabled the audience to watch the dances of the same seas.


November 25-27, 2017 Ayvalik “Bir Deniz İki Yaka” festival. 8 groups, 200 participants

April 20-24, 2018 Çanakkale  “International Troy children’s Folk Dance Festival” 34 groups, 1080 participants

September 17-20, 2018 Bozcaada “Bir Deniz İki Yaka Festival” 6 groups of 130 participants

 October 26-30, 2018 Çanakkale International Troy adult Folk Dance Festival. 21 groups, 650 participants

 November 15-18, 2018 Ayvalik “Bir Deniz İki Yaka Festival”. 10 groups, 200 participants

 April 20-24, 2019 Çanakkale II. International Troy children’s folk dance Festival. 19 groups, 580 participants

 May 3-6, 2019 Çanakkale “Bir Deniz İki Yaka Festival” 12 groups, 280 participants

 September 7-9, 2019 Bozcaada“ Bir Deniz İki Yaka Festival” 6 teams, 120 participants

 October 26-30, 2019 Canakkale. International Troy adult Folk Dance Festival. 13 groups, 410 participants

November 17-20, 2019 Ayvalik “Bir Deniz İki Yaka Festival” 9 groups, 160 participants